By Richard Plinke

COVID-19: House Arrest

Join Richard Plinke (critically acclaimed or critically unstable author?) on his journey through 12 weeks of capricious lockdown due to the coronavirus. With an amusingly satirical style, he chronicles what he calls the systematic deconstruction of trust within our nation. Plinke says there’s only one takeaway from all of this: “I am the only person left you can trust (and I’m not so sure about me).”

“Richard Plinke’s daily commentary kept me thoroughly entertained during the confinement; his witty observations cast with one acerbic eye, the other skeptical, will keep you fully engaged and amused.”

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COVID-19 House Arrest Book Launch

Help celebrate Richard Plinke’s new Book, COVID-19 House Arrest at the brand new McCall Collective Brewing Company. A cool night is guaranteed for all. Mr. Plinke will be signing books.

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Richard Plinke

Richard Plinke has written three critically acclaimed books, plus numerous articles and columns, on the art of selling. That art, from his imaginative and comically sardonic perspective, takes an honest, straight to the meat-of-the-matter approach on a subject he sees littered with an interesting array of characters and a smattering of intrigue from the snake oil industry.

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Finally a sales book without the 7 laws or 5 principles. The author writes in a style that comes across as though he is giving a keynote, a very funny and entertaining keynote address! It's rare to come across a businessperson that can write in an everyman style.

The Sales Puke, Amazon review

It's obvious that Richard Plinke is a great observer of life and doesn't let much get by him ...

– Dave, Amazon review

If you combined Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Robin Williams and John Grisham I think you'd come up with someone like Richard Plinke … he has achieved the close-to-impossible: an interesting book on sales and marketing. Hallelujah!

– Janefan, Amazon review

Richard Plinke has the rare ability to synthesize complex and broad-based sales doctrine and theory and make it assessable and easy to use. His message is informative, entertaining and inspirational. Reading or listening to him is a unique experience, and time well spent.

– Daniel A. Arthur, Enterprise Rent-a-Car