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Finally a sales book without the 7 laws or 5 principles. The author writes in a style that comes across as though he is giving a keynote, a very funny and entertaining keynote address! It's rare to come across a businessperson that can write in an everyman style.

The Sales Puke, Amazon review

It's obvious that Richard Plinke is a great observer of life and doesn't let much get by him ...

– Dave, Amazon review

If you combined Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Robin Williams and John Grisham I think you'd come up with someone like Richard Plinke … he has achieved the close-to-impossible: an interesting book on sales and marketing. Hallelujah!

– Janefan, Amazon review

Richard Plinke has the rare ability to synthesize complex and broad-based sales doctrine and theory and make it assessable and easy to use. His message is informative, entertaining and inspirational. Reading or listening to him is a unique experience, and time well spent.

– Daniel A. Arthur, Enterprise Rent-a-Car