"If the world lived by Plinke's guidance, we'd all be quite a bit happier.
And get along a whole lot better as well."

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A Richard Plinke Seminar:

Every day people don't take shots because they're afraid to fail.
They don't want to strike out so they don't step up to the plate.
 They avoid the pain of rejections and shrink from the agonizing sting of hearing "no."
And that's too bad because Failure to Fail is the surest road to certain failure. 


Thursday, September 22, 3:00 to 5:00 PM

60 West Broad Street, Bethlehem 

East Stroudsburg University Conference Center


$35.00, Limited Seating

For tickets, go to





Meet The Author:

  Failure to Fail Seminar
September 22
3pm - 5pm
East Stroudsburg University
60 West Broad St., Bethlehem
Pedals & Peddlers
Bike Ride & Workshop
October 14
10am - 1pm
Ironton Rail Trail


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