Auction Items from “COVID-19 House Arrest”

Proceeds go to the ANDY DERR FOUNDATION  for Kidney Cancer Research

  1. John Prine poster, Day 25 of Captivity
  2.  Fake nose and glasses, Day 37 of Captivity
  3.  White wig, Day 42 of Captivity
  4.  Bill Clinton mask, Day 50 of Captivity
  5. Corona sombrero, Day 51 of Captivity
  6.  Tricorn hat, Day 52 of Captivity
  7.  Gangster hat & gun, Day 56 of Captivity
  8.  Autographed picture and props, Day 59 of Captivity
  9. Autographed picture, Day 65 of Captivity
  10. American flag & hat, Day 72 of Captivity
  11. 11. Clown mask Day, 74 of Captivity
  12. Wolf mask, Day 80 of Captivity
  13. Arrow through the head, Last Day of Captivity
  14. echodot from How To Sell The Plague, LLC
  15. Gift Certificate from Here For You Concierge
  16. Hat & Gift Certificate from McCall Collective Brewery Company
  17. Gift Certificate from Valley Fruit & Veggies
  18. Autographed picture of Mike Lichtenberger, photo contest winner

 Grand Prize

Date with the author & a named character in How to Sell the Plague




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