Without Being a Rat and
Other Cheeky Musings of an Unrepentant Salesman

     In Richard A. Plinke’s upcoming book, How to Sell the Plague, he humorously explores how this lifetime salesman ended up in sales, the last place he ever thought he’d be, or wanted to be, for that matter.
      "Yea, like I wanted to be a salesman. Right. Big smile, firm handshake and shiny shoes, ala Willie Loman; slap you on the back and tell-you-what-I’m-gonna-do fast talking, no-low-is-too-low creeps. Not me, pal. No way. A year or so, make a bundle and move onto my real calling in life."
     And his real calling in life, in those post-hippie, pre-yuppie days, as Plinke describes that period of his life, was mostly about beer and women. To him, at that point, money was needed to support the aforementioned objectives and finding a job was only important relative to supporting those more highly prioritized initiatives.
     He had no idea what he was getting into when he showed up at the employment agency and met the Sales Puke, who would change his life forever. As Plinke writes, "I didn't have a clue where those first few steps were taking me. What I didn't know was that, once I got through all the misconceptions, blind alleys and unrealistic expectations, I was embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, and I've spent a lifetime, 35 years, dancing in the jaws of the dragon and loving every minute of it."
     So follow our intrepid hero as he puts on a clean, pressed shirt and ambles off into the deep black hole of responsibility and the end of his Alice in Wonderland trip where the new dormouse is definitely not interested in feeding his head.
     Click on the post-it to read Chapter 1 of this compelling and entertaining, albeit a bit irreverent and sardonic account of the world of sales.
 Do not feed your head!
How to Sell the Plague - Without Being a Rat
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